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Pre Tied Head Scarves Vs Square Head Scarves

I have no doubt that by now you have already seen a huge amount of product and designs available to help you cope with hair loss. From pre tied head scarves to chemo hats, strange tubes of stretchy fabric to large square scarves - fortunately, there is a lot out there to choose from!

When I started this site, I wanted to make things easier for cancer patients - lets face it, you go through enough with cancer and tying a head scarf shouldnt be an extra stress. Over the years, my range and designs have evolved and to be honest, they continue to do so because I speak to so many people who inspire me with the challenges they face, its difficult not to want to design more products that answer those needs.

One of the recent additions is our pre tied head scarf. Technically its not pre tied but it is pre-shaped to fit your head without needing to have endless folds of fabric flapping around your head as you try to get to grips with making it take shape. I found that most people are more than a little overwhelmed when faced with having to tie their own head scarf (which is why I run the free online "how to tie a headscarf" sessions with Headwrappers), so I worked on how to make the process easier.

The result (when not on your head) is a very strange looking bonnet! However, when it is on your head and the ends are wrapped over the front and tied in a knot at the back, it looks really fab and it also fits all head sizes too because you can fold the front section back if you have a smaller head, or leave it for a larger head. There is also elastic at the back for a better fit. The ends are super long so they cross over at the nape of the neck, round and over the front of your head and there will still be enough length to tie at the back. Check out the video below to see how easy it is to tie:

I wanted to make my pre tied chemo scarves available in lots of fabulous prints so people can have fun with them, one of the most recent additions is the butterfly print pictured below - I think the pattern resonates with so many people on so many levels, plus it is such a gorgeous print!! I have always been really careful with my fabrics, only selecting 100% cotton and high quality poplin, cotton lawn or cotton jersey. For this range, I selected fabrics from Lady McElroy who make beautiful designer prints and the fabrics are super soft too.

Rather than cutting costs on these head scarves, I have self lined each one so that there are no rough seams or edges on the inside. Priced at £26.50 the pre tied head wraps are at the top end of my range, but they are great value and look fabulous, I hope you enjoy wearing them!

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