Pull-On Chemo Head Scarves

Our range of quick tie hats and turbans for chemo patients are brilliant for days when you want to look stylish but are not feeling like wearing an itchy wig all day. The scarf is integrated into the 100% cotton jersey chemo hat which makes it so much easier to tie - even on days when you really are struggling for energy.

Each chemo turban can be tied in multiple ways, take a look at our page "how to tie a chemo head scarf" under the support pages for easy step-by-step instructions.  Looking for a gift?  Our head turbans for chemo patients are ideal and can be posted and gift wrapped for you to send to your special someone.

Our head scarf and sleep hat combination is ideal for cancer patients who may not have the energy to tie more traditional head scarves due to chemotherapy treatment.  We have carefully sewn the head scarf into one of our Lucy sleep hats so that it is easy to pull on and tie.

The styles are very versatile, fold the attached head scarf so it forms a head band and tie it at the back in a simple knot, or bow.  You can also twist the ends and wrap them around the back, crossing over and bringing them back towards the front of your head to secure in a turban style if you do not want the loose ends draping down the back.  

Suitable for cancer patients who have had long or short hair, the scarf can be tied to replicate a ponytail or a turban.  The chemo hat sits below the hairline which frames the face in a more natural way - similar to how your hair would usually look.  The head scarf adds a bit of padding to the hairline which is important - a skin tight head scarf or sleep hat can make cancer patients feel very self conscious.

If you would like to view the range in person, please get in touch with us, we can book an appointment for you to visit us, or  alternatively we would be happy to conduct a video call and show you the styles available.  We can also help you with instructions for how to tie your chemo head scarf if you are unsure or need a bit of a confidence boost.  

If you are struggling with your chemotherapy treatment and need support, please visit our support pages which contain a number of charities and organisations who are here to help you.  No cancer patient should feel alone during this time so please do seek help if you need it.  There are many people here to help you through a difficult time in your life.


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