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Comfortable & Versatile Chemo Headwear 

Get The Maximum Use Out Of Your Chemo Headwear

When you are low on energy the last thing you want to do is spend time tying a head scarf or teasing a wig into the perfect style.

Base hats or sleep hats as they are often referred to, are great because they are easy to put on and comfortable to wear, but when you want to go out to the shops or meet friends and family, sometimes you might want to look a bit more glamourous.

That's why we have created a range of chemo headwear with accessories that can be interchanged to dress up any sleep hat.

Using a simple headband to pop on over the top of your chemo hat, or a slim scarf to tie around the brim, our Lucy sleep hats are transformed! 

The headbands and scarves are available to buy separately or you can save money by buying one as a set with a chemo hat

    If you would like to see how our range of chemo hats fit in person please contact us to arrange an appointment to view the collection.  Alternatively, we can arrange for an online video call where we can give advice on how to tie our chemo head scarves and show you the full range of options available to you.

    Our sleep hats are made in the UK from 100% cotton jersey fabric, they are soft and very comfortable to wear.  We offer three styles; the Lucy sleep hat which is made from 3 pieces of fabric and designed to add padding to the hairline so they look more natural than something that is skin tight.  

    Our Kim sleep hats are reversible, with one colour on one side and a complimenting colour on the reverse.  The brim can be turned up to show a bit of the secondary colour and you can also add a brooch or flower to accessorise it.  The Kim sleep hats are great for wintery nights because chemo patients can get quite cold when they lose their hair.

    Our chemo beanies are made from one piece of 100% cotton jersey fabric and have a "slouch" back.  They fit close to the hairline and are more of a classic slouch beanie look.

    None of our chemo hats are designed to be so tight they are uncomfortable, every effort is made to ensure the fit is snug so you can be confident they will not come off.  They are also designed to sit below the natural hairline which is really important because sleep hats which dont achieve this can look very unnatural and make the wearer feel selfconscious.

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