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Online Hair Care Events

We have teamed up with the lovely ladies at Headwrappers to make sure you have the option to attend a free hair care event, whether in person, or online. During the session you will learn about pre, during and post treatment hair and scalp care as well as a number of chemo head scarf tying techniques.  Spaces per event are limited to ensure everyone has the chance to get the advice and support they need. 


To join, click the button below, it will take you to the Headwrappers website where you can find the right location and event that suits you. If you dont want to attend a formal event, you can join their Tea, Topknots and Turbans weekly chat to get tips and advice from other patients as well as the Headwrappers expert team. Every week they have a speaker slot with different themes - each one focusing on a specific problem or tip that might help you through your chemo journey. 

If you can't wait for the next event and need immediate help, please click the button below to access information on how to tie a head scarf.

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