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Summer Chemo Hats - SALE now on!

The sun has finally decided to appear from behind the clouds again and its heating up for August which is lovely, but when you are going through chemo its not so great for your skin - especially if you have hair loss.

Unfortunately the chemo makes skin very sensitive and it can burn very quickly if exposed to the sun for too long, so make sure you use plenty of sun cream (dont even think of using anything less than factor 30 please!) and wear a sun hat.

We saw the weather turning early in the year and bought a range of gorgeous summer chemo hats which are almost sold out, but before we hit the end of summer we thought we would put the rest on sale so that everyone can enjoy some fun in the sun!

Whether you are out and about on the coast or simply knocking about in the garden, our summer chemo hats have been carefully selected to give you the protection you need.

Styles like our Gina hat feature a very wide brim and are perfect for special occasions,

whereas the Josie is easy to fold into a bag and ready to wear on your travels. Our Angelina hat is also packable and comes in two colours - cream and camel, although it is a plain hat, you can make it your own by adding a head scarf around the brim or even a beaded trim.

If you are worried about summer chemo hats being uncomfortable, try wearing them over a chemo sleep hat or a cotton head scarf, this will also stand you in good stead for when you go indoors and want to take your sun hat off.

For those suffering from the heat, our summer chemo hats have a sweat band built into the brim which will absorb some of the moisture and hats such as the Gina, Angelina or Susannah have a loose weave which encourages the air flow around your scalp.

The sale prices start at just over £5 so grab yourself a bargain and enjoy the blue skies while they last!

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