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Chemotherapy Headwear bamboo chemo beanies, soft and comfortable hats for hair loss


Key Features:
100% soft bamboo chemo hat
Designed and made in the UK exclusively by chemotherapy headwear
Wash at 30 degrees
Easy to wear hat instead of a wig or chemo head scarf
No tags or labels to irritate the skin


Our bamboo chemo beanies have been specifically designed for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment who have hair loss.  During the first stages of hair loss, you can wear our chemo beanie at night to collect hair as it falls out, making it easier to cope in the morning.  Our hats for hair loss can also be worn during the day, the chemo beanie has been designed with extra material at the back which gives added volume at the back of the head when worn.


Super-comfortable and made from bamboo, our bamboo chemo beanie is lovely and stretchy.


At Chemotherapy Headwear, we design and make every style specifically for cancer patients to make sure our hats fit like a warm hug and give you comfort and support during your chemo treatment, whilst being flattering and easy to wear.


We have a wide range of hats and head scarves, including pre tied chemo scarves, summer hats, winter hats and sleep hats.  We also run a series of workshops every month to help patients learn how to tie a square chemo scarf, if you would like to join one of these free sessions, please click here to register

Molly Navy Bamboo Chemo Beanie

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