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Super-soft, breathable bamboo fabric
Minimal seams to prevent irritation
Slouch back - not a skull cap fit
Ideal for sleeping in or as an easy to wear daytime option
Each beanie comes with a matching headband which adds extra volume to the hairline
Made in the UK exclusively for Chemotherapy Headwear
Hand wash only, do not tumble dry


Our chemo beanies are really easy to wear - ideal for days when a wig or head scarf simply feels like too much effort.  They are soft and feel really comfortable next to the skin, with no tags or labels that may dig in.  At Chemotherapy Headwear, we have paid extra attention to the design of this chemo hat, ensuring that it covers the natural hairline and they have a slouch back so they are not a skin tight fit in the way that a wig liner would be.  The difference this makes is significant - it gives the wearer a bit of volume at the back of the head in the same way that hair would.  


In addition to the beanie, you will also receive a separate headband in the same fabric, this creates a multi-layered effect, adding further volume and the illusion of a more sophisticated look without the challenge of wrapping and tying lots of fabric around your head. You can wear the beanie on its own, or with the headband.


We also offer an alternative chemo hat style called "Lucy" which comes in a variety of colours, and a double sided/reversible style called "Kim".  


We have a wide range of hats and head scarves, including pre tied chemo scarves, summer hats, winter hats and sleep hats.  We also run a series of workshops every month to help patients learn how to tie a head scarf, if you would like to join one of these free sessions, please click here to register.

Molly Bamboo Chemo Beanie & Headband Set - Olive

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