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Spring 2020 Colour Trend: Classic Blue

When the Bluebells start to flower it can only mean one thing, spring is here! These beautiful flowers with a sweet smell burst into bloom and instantly the blue becomes a popular on-trend spring colour.

Classic Blue has been named as Pantone's Colour of the Year which means you will start to see it appear throughout the high street in fashion, homewares and gifts. The Classic Blue colour is a mid point between navy and royal blue; it is not too dark or overly wintery but it is also not bright and "electric" so it is easy to wear. Personally I think it is a great colour for casual wear and if you are not into the standard pale pastels of summer, it is a great alternative option.

Gucci introduced Classic Blue into a maxi dress for their Spring Summer 2020 collection and Balenciaga featured a huge dress in the same colour, but there is more to classic blue than just a tone, colour therapists have said that if you look at the colour long enough, you tap into the higher realms of your mind...…. I am not too sure about that and have yet to try it myself!

Our Catrina chemo head scarf works really well with this trend, featuring swathes of Classic Blue colouring in the scarf alongside earthy tones of mocha and pale grey. Every scarf is attached to a 100% cotton sleep hat which makes them really comfortable and easy to wear.

The combination of hat and head scarf is really versatile too - the scarf can be tied in lots of different ways, wearing it up as a turban or with a bow at the back which is ideal for people who used to have long hair and miss that feeling against their neck. Take a look at our page for more information on the many ways to tie your scarf.

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