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Lidia by Design collection for cancer patients

Losing hair through chemotherapy can profoundly impact you, affecting your self-esteem and sense of identity. Hair is often closely tied to femininity and personal style, and its loss can lead to feelings of vulnerability and self-consciousness. This physical change can be a constant, visible reminder of illness, influencing how you perceive yourself and how you believe others perceive you. Coping with this change can involve emotional distress, anxiety, and social withdrawal which we would never want you to feel. This is why with the release of the Lidia by Design collection, we can try and help those distressing feelings disappear.

A summary of the Lidia by Deisgn collection

The new Lidia by Design collection is a handmade collection that incorporates a variety of styles to ensure there is a product that is just right for you. This beautiful range of chemo hats and headscarves are designed and handmade in Poland, each hat is made from soft bamboo jersey and has been carefully self-lined to remove all raw edges and seams.

The lidia by design ollection retails at £22-£25. However we have added more of our chemo hats and headscarves to our sale page and many are now half price, starting at only £11. Do not miss out on this limited time offer as we only have a few of each in stock!

The benefits of the Lidia by Desgin collection

The Lidia by Design collection combines style and comfort to enhance your confidence during treatment. Designed with soft, breathable fabrics, the collection is gentle on sensitive skin. The stylish headwear includes hats and scarves, providing fashionable options to cover hair loss, helping you feel attractive and self-assured. Easy-to-wear and versatile, these products offer convenience as they are simple to put on and style. By addressing both aesthetic and comfort needs, Lidia by Design empowers you to maintain your personal style whilst meeting your comfort needs throughout your treatment journey.

To view the full collection, please click here

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