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How to use a mastectomy pillow

Following a number of customer requests, we have created our own range of mastectomy pillows (which can also be used for lumpectomy surgery too - of course!). Launched in October last year, they feature some gorgeous fabrics from local designers to make them pretty as well as functional.

One question we do get is how they should be used. Our mastectomy pillows are shaped like a heart, with a deep V so that they fit underneath your arm with the peak of the curve sitting high enough on your chest to protect fresh scars from the pressure of seat belts etc. They can also be used at home in bed or when watching the TV to keep your arm away from your scar as it heals - in fact, a lot of customers find it much more comfortable to sit and recover snuggled up with their heart pillow tucked under their arm.

Mastectomy pillows come in all shapes, but their function is the same - to protect scars while they heal. Our pillows have two 60cm ribbons attached which can be tied over the shoulder or across the body to keep it in place while you rest, but not all suppliers have these. We fill our mastectomy pillows with a premium hollow fibre stuffing which retains its loft and bounce (squishy-ness to you and me) while other suppliers use bean-bag beads - there is no right or wrong but we found that the bean-bag beans tend to be affected by gravity quite a bit and cluster at the bottom of the pillow when you really need them evenly spread.

As with our chemo head scarves, we will continue to source new fabrics for our heart pillows, at the moment we are loving the beautiful fabrics from a local designer called Lewis and Irene, their prints are stunning and they made us smile, we hope they make you smile too. Check out the full range here online.

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