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Hats, Headscarves & Headwrappers

Back in October last year, I started working with the fabulous ladies at hair loss charity, Headwrappers. It was one of those serendipitous moments - I wanted to start some sort of online advice and "how to tie a head scarf" service and Headwrappers were looking to undertake more of their scarf tying sessions online to continue providing support to cancer patients during lockdown. As a result, our virtual head scarf tying sessions were born!

Over time we have adapted the sessions and they now run on the last Thursday of every month between 11am-12pm, addressing a number of issues that women encounter with hair loss, including before and after it grows back. Cris and Julie send a free square chemo headscarf everyone who has registered to attend so that during the live online event they can practice tying the different styles along with us (you can watch and absorb too if you like!)

For anyone who is nervous about participating or want some reassurance that its not scary in any way shape or form, I can confirm that every session is fun and friendly. Sometimes women feel a bit overwhelmed with the enormity of their situation and there are a few tears, but everyone (and I mean everyone) supports each other and the tears are soon transformed into brave smiles.

We limit the number of attendees to ensure the sessions are interactive, so that any questions you have can be answered and we can help guide you through any difficulties you have with tying any of the styles. I am always amazed by the depth of information the Headwrappers team bring to each session - they showcase such a wide range of different products and ideas for cancer patients to help get you started or to solve a specific need/problem. It is not a selling event at all, just information......and lots of it!

Recently Headwrappers launched their Tea, Topknots and Turbans online chats which connect chemo patients via a relaxed virtual session so they can exchange tips and experiences. They also have guest speakers every week, from beauticians to hairdressers and cancer support charities.

I speak to so many women who feel alone during chemotherapy treatment and to have a place where you can instantly be understood and get support - its simply invaluable. If you want to join, meetings take place on the first and third Thursday of every month, you can find all the registration details you need here

If you would like to join any of our monthly online chemo scarf tying sessions click here to register your details or get in touch via our contact form or telephone number if you would like to know more.

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