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Tips For Self Isolation

We understand that self-isolation isn’t easy on anyone, especially those that are more vulnerable. However, know that you don’t need to face this alone as there is so much support available to help you get through these tough times.

Our support page lists many organisations that provide assistance, some of them provide helplines if you’re after someone to talk to or online communities for other cancer patients to chat with those that are going through similar experiences. In addition to this we’ve put together our top tips for taking care of yourself whilst self-isolating.

Ensure you’re eating regularly and well, keeping hydrated and getting access to any medication needed. Friends and family may be able to support, however if that support isn’t available there are many community groups which are organised by local Councils who will be able to help, to find out what is happening in your community get in touch with your local council

Supermarkets are also helping by making delivery slots available to vulnerable people only. It’s also extremely important to continue taking any medication, so continue to do so under the guidance of your doctor.

Stay in touch with family and friends. It can be difficult to be away from people that are important to you, however staying in touch can keep your spirits up. If you have a smartphone a video call is a perfect way to keep connected and seeing someone’s face can help bring some normality to your day. Otherwise just hearing a friendly voice over the phone can bring some positivity to your day.

Keep active. If you can, ensure that you’re keeping your body active, exercise is proven to help boost your mood. The NHS have provided lots of exercise advice including workout videos

Make sure you let the sunshine in. During lockdown we’ve had some fantastic weather and as we enter summer hopefully it will only continue. If you can and have access, open the windows and let the sunshine in!

Have a routine. This will bring some kind of ‘normal’ to your life and help you feel more in control. Although if there are days when you’re just not feeling it, this is OK too!

Do things that makes you feel happy. Baking, crafting, reading, online learning. If you want to eat the cake, eat the cake! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself when self-isolating, it’s something that most of us have never experienced before so there will be days of highs and lows – this is completely normal to feel this way. Remember to listen to your mind and body, know that there is support out there for you, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

Stay safe! x

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