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Our chemo headwear is made from soft 100% jersey cotton for comfort 

Elasticated back for a snug, but not tight fit

Chemo beanies sit below the hairline to frame your face 

Made in the UK exclusively for chemotherapy headwear


Our Lucy chemo cap is truly versatile.  Wear it at night to keep warm or pop it under a sun hat or thicker winter hat as a lining to prevent any seams rubbing against your skin.  During the daytime it is a quick and easy alternative to wigs.


Made from 100% cotton jersey, this sleep hat is super-soft and comfortable.  Our chemo headwear is made specifically for cancer patients who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy treatment (unlike most beanies), it sits just below the hairline, framing the face.


You can wrap a scarf around the headcover to dress it up, or on the days when you feel tired and don't want to wear an itchy wig, or can't hold your arms up for long enough to tie a scarf, simply wear it as it is and relax in comfort.


This style is available in a wide range of colours.  If you need something a little warmer, take a look at our Kim reversible cancer hats

Lucy Chemo Hat/Chemo Beanie Olive

Colour: Khaki
  • Care Instructions

    This product is made from cotton jersey material, it is best washed on a cool cycle and dried flat.  Please do not tumble dry.

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