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The checklist of products to buy when embarking on your chemotherapy journey can be quite long - and expensive! While I am fully in support of anyone doing whatever they need to pamper themselves and feel comfortable during this time, I don't believe you need to spend a lot of money on creams and specialist shampoo to look after your skin, so I asked some of my customers for their recommendations so I can share them with you.

First up on the list was the Lush Cinnamon Shampoo Bar which was recommended by a number of people. I was a little surprised by this one but it was very highly rated (click here to buy) it only costs £8.99 and it is both cruelty-free and free of plastic packaging too. It contains cinnamon and clove to stimulate the scalp and nettle and peppermint for soothing irritated skin.

Faith in Nature was another brand that came highly recommended - if you haven't heard of them, they are a vegan, organic beauty brand, making their products in the UK. If you want a reasonably priced shampoo and shower gel that is kind to the skin, give these guys a whirl. You can buy their products on their website (click here) or at Holland & Barrett or Boots.

For a good moisturiser, try Bosom Buddies Puriskin Resurfacing Formula which has been specially created for chemotherapy and radiotherapy patients. Puriskin is an award-winning blend that applies with ease and rapidly soothes without any added fragrance that might cause irritation. You can purchase it on their website (click here), its a little pricey at £13.99 but if you are used to buying moisturiser from the likes of Oil of Olay, you won't be paying anymore by switching.

Another great high street brand is the Simple range of skincare products which are available in any supermarket, Boots or chemists. They use no harsh ingredients, colours or chemicals which can irritate the skin and they are globally certified PETA-Cruelty free. For an everyday range of skincare that is accessible and at prices which won't break the bank, the Simple brand is a good fuss-free go-to option. Learn more about their products here

If you want a much more natural product for massaging into dry skin, olive oil is just as good as any! You could also try almond oil, Moroccan oil or apricot oil and add a drop of rosemary oil if you are into your aromatherapy, but dont go overboard with the aromatherapy, especially if your skin is sensitive! Rosemary oil is a known stimulant and it should always be used with a carrier oil.

I have heard some patients tell me they use baby shampoo because they feel if it is kind enough on a baby's skin, it should be fine to use - however please note that while I am not saying "dont use it", it doesnt contain any conditioning agents so your skin may feel a little dry.

Hopefully this little list gives you a few pointers and some cost-effective options to see you through your treatment, if you have a product recommendation get in touch and tell me all about it so I can pass the information on.

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