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Rock The Dot This Spring

Polka dots are the print fashion trend for 2020

Everyone is going dotty about the polka dot this spring. Whether you prefer these perfect circles big or small, be sure to wear them loud and proud!

Polka dots are like a fashion boomerang; they always come back into fashion, infact I dont know if they have ever been out of fashion. With a nod to the '50s with their whimsical vintage vibes, they have stood the test of time and came back into fashion again in the 1980s thanks to Princess Diana who often wore them on royal occasions.

In 2020 however, polka dots are getting a modern makeover, we are seeing plenty of designers showcasing spots in their Spring/Summer 2020 shows, from spotty socks to statement shirts, beautiful mini tote bags and skirts, the polka dot is everywhere so why not have them on a chemo hat!

From the dainty dot to the daring and bold spot - we know this is a trend most of you will love. Our beautiful navy and white Sofia chemo turban will leave you feeling fabulous and fashionable this season, featuring a lovely nautical colour scheme it will pair perfectly with crop jeans and white deck shoes or a smart navy tailored look.

This classic polka dot print chemo hat features a soft 100% jersey cotton hat that has an easy to tie scarf attached, simply put the hat on and tie the ends and you are ready to go!

Our integrated hat and chemo head scarves are really versatile, you can wear them as a turban, fold the scarf into a headband so it frames the sleep hat or you can allow the head scarf to drape over the hat so you can see more of the pattern. The ends are nice and long so you can twist them up and fasten them at the front, create a rose knot at the back or a bow. On days when you are tired though, a simple knot at the back is just as effective. Visit our page for the numerous ways you can tie this lovely summer chemo turban.

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