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Nearly Spring....But Not Quite!

I always get excited at this time of year, every now and then the weather gives you a glimpse of what’s to come and the sun comes out to warm your skin, just for a moment in time before it hides behind the grey curtain of cloud once more.

With the weather still so changeable, it can be difficult to work out what to wear on our bodies let alone what type of chemo hat to put on in the morning. If my dog could talk, he would tell you that he knows it is still chilly at night and feels it more when he has just been groomed! As a result he snuggles into my side whilst I sleep in order to keep warm. Not all of us have the benefits of a partner (or pet) to help keep warm at night and when you lose your hair, somehow the cold comes and finds you when you would much prefer to be warm and sleeping.

There are many ways to help keep the chill at bay overnight, electric blankets which are safe to lie on and leave overnight on low are great for maintaining an overall top to toe temperature, hot water bottles with lovely snuggly covers are also brilliant and give targeted warmth. Heads are a bit more tricky to keep warm, but a sleep hat helps. Most companies stock these, but my advice is to look at all options available and try a few out. The majority of the chemo hats you will find are single thickness, some are made from cotton jersey (like mine), others are made from polyester or nylon and might not be as comfortable for a whole night. Make sure you get one that isn’t too tight either, skull caps will feel very tight at 3am and you will want to pull it off!

If you really feel the cold, try our Kim cancer hat, it is double the thickness of standard hats and might help a bit. The great news about any sleep hat is that they are so versatile, wear them at night or during the day on their own or with a scarf wrapped around them, they will serve you well during treatment, but be sure to get a variety of colours so they match all your outfits and you don’t get bored wearing the same thing!

If you are looking for a gift for a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy, a sleep hat will always be useful. Take a look at the ones we have in our range by clicking here

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