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Since 2008, Chemotherapy Headwear has been working with cancer patients to offer them a broad range of beautifully designed chemo hats and head scarves, that are suitable for anyone who has lost their hair due to treatment. Our hats are designed and produced in the UK to meet specific quality standards, ensuring they are soft, comfortable and most of all, easy to wear.

Shop our collection for a variety of sleep hats in an array of colours and available in both single and double thickness for extra warmth. Those wanting something more special than a plain chemo hat, Chemotherapy Headwear’s collection includes our stylish head scarves which have been integrated into a hat to make them much easier for a novice to tie, headbands to dress-up your chemo hats and gorgeous printed beanies too.

For anyone who has is about to undergo breast or chest surgery, we also make a range of pretty mastectomy pillows which will help to ease the pressure on your scars following surgery


Chemo Hat & Headband Sets

We have teamed our ever-popular Lucy Chemo Hat with a variety of gorgeous easy-wear headbands so you can mix and match your chemo headwear to suit you


Comfort Fit Chemo


We have sewn a range of different headscarves into our soft Lucy Chemo Hats to make them more comfortable to wear and much easier to tie

Soft, Comfortable Headcovers

We stock two different sleep hats, both are available in lots of colours and prints. Lucy (pictured) and our slouch beanie are both very popular and made in the UK.

Easy-Tie Chemo Headscarves

Tying a square headscarf can be incredibly tricky, so we have made it easier with our fully lined, pre-formed cotton chemo headscarves available in a range of designer fabrics.

Ruched Chemo Headwraps

Featuring soft ruched sides, our chemo headwraps are made from 100% cotton jersey. Each headwrap is lovely and thick to keep you warm and comfortable during the daytime.

Super-Slouch Chemo Beanies

Our super-soft, super-slouch chemo beanies can be worn at night time or during the day. Featuring a generous amount of fabric to create volume at the back of the head, they are an easy to wear alternative to a wig


Mastectomy Pillows

If you are about to undergo surgery for breast cancer - whether it is a mastectomy or lumpectomy, our soft, comfortable heart shaped pillows are the perfect solution for easing the pressure from your arm on any scars.

We have designed our pillows to be heart shaped with a deep "V" in the middle to ensure it fits snuggly under your arm, so that the sides can provide a bit of support around your back and protection over scar tissue.


Filled with premium grade polyester filling, the heart pillows feature 60cm long ribbon ties so you can secure it over your shoulder or across your body. 


Hair Loss Support 

Online Group Session

We have teamed up with the fantastic ladies at Headwrappers to bring you a FREE online scarf tying and hair care advice session every month.  Events take place on the last Thursday of every month from 11am-12pm and are available to everyone whether you are a Chemotherapy Headwear customer or not.

  • Learn different scarf tying techniques

  • Receive practical tips for hair and scalp care

  • Talk through concerns over hair loss in a secure and supportive environment

  • Feel more confident coping with hair loss

Before the event we will send you a free headscarf so you can learn different tying techniques alongside the Headwrappers consultants.

Spaces are limited so please register to reserve your place.  To learn more about the work undertaken by the Headwrappers charity, visit

Holding Hands

Chemo Headwear Accessory worth £7 with every order over £25

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We have specially designed a range of hats and head scarves for chemotherapy patients who have lost their hair due to treatment.  Our products are soft, comfortable and most of all, easy to wear - a necessity when you are feeling under the weather.


Shop a variety of sleep hats, (both single and double thickness) and chemo beanies all available in an array of colours.  If you want something a bit more special than a plain chemo hat, try our range of headscarves including a range of comfort-fit designs featuring a scarf that has been integrated into a hat to make them much easier for a novice to tie, and a range of pre-formed chemo headscarves which are available in beautiful designer fabrics and prints. 



I doubt many of you reading this will be surprised to hear that Chemotherapy Headwear was created as a result of a family member suffering from cancer.  At the time, finding headcovers which were soft, pretty and affordable was near impossible!  As the years have passed, more options have become available to cancer patients, but we remain true to what we set out to do over 10 years ago, which is to provide chemo hats and cancer headscarves which are attractive, soft, comfortable and what's more, easy to wear. 


Cancer hats and chemo scarves should be made of fabric that does not irritate the skin, which is why we use cotton or cotton jersey for our headscarves and hats.  Cancer patients undergo enough stress during treatment and simple things such as finding suitable headcovers that help them to feel confident and ready to take on the world, should not add to this stress.

At Chemotherapy Headwear, we believe that all people have the basic right to feel beautiful, we hope we have helped all our customers re-gain self confidence through using our products.  We have been honoured to provide support to many women over the years and we will continue to develop our headwear to ensure all women have access to the products they need.


Losing your hair does not mean you lose your style.

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