Our Emilia chemo head scarf & hat combination features a stunning geometric turquoise and sea blue print. The head scarf is attached to a 100% jersey cotton cancer hat which makes it easy to wear and tie, especially on days when you are tired or if you are sore from surgery and treatment. Our range of chemotherapy headwear can be worn in many ways; twist the ends and secure them at the front to create a plait effect band around the hat or tie them in a bow at the back. You can also sweep the scarf over your head and secure a simple knot at the back if your energy is taking a hit.


Take a look at our page “how to tie your cancer head scarf” for lots of hints and tips to really make the most of its flexibility. The long tails of the scarf help to give you the feeling of hair around your neck without having to wear an itchy wig. We think Emilia is the perfect Spring/Summer scarf and it will look amazing with skinny jeans or crop trousers and a pair of white pumps.


Emilia Cancer Scarf & Hat

SKU: Emilia
  • Key Features

    • Soft 100% cotton jersey chemo hat 
    • Head scarf is attached to the cancer hat to keep it in place when tying
    • Unique design to Chemotherapy Headwear
    • Made in the UK
  • Care Instructions

    Machine washable on a cool cycle, do not tumble dry