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Introducing The Pillow Army of Crafters

Working in the cancer support industry, you get to meet and learn of some fantastic companies, all striving to help cancer patients and their families. I recently came across a really wonderful charity called Jen’s Friends.

Jen’s Friends send out heart shaped pillows to women who have had a mastectomy or breast surgery to remove cancerous cells. The pillows are shaped to provide comfort and protection as patients heal.

Sounds great right? That’s what I thought but there is even better news........the pillows are FREE! All you have to pay for is the postage (fair enough I think). The team have a fabulous network of crafters who make the covers and donate them, following which, the Jens Friend’s lovelies stuff them with a soft, squishy filling so they are all ready to send out.

If you would like to order a pillow or would like to get one for a friend who is undergoing breast surgery, here’s how you can do it:

  • Go to the Jen’s Friends Facebook page and send the team a message via messenger, telling them how many pillows you need (one for a single mastectomy, 2 for a double)

  • Send your delivery address to them via messenger, they will contact you with instructions on how to pay the postage (£4 for 1 pillow, £6.50 for two).

Delivery can take up to 3 weeks, so it’s best to plan this in if you are going to need one. Be patient if you can, this is a charity after all and the team have busy full time jobs too!

A huge congratulations to the Jen’s Friends team and the pillow army who are sewing covers for them. If you want to donate a pillow cover or two and feel in a crafty mood, head to their Facebook page to get the instructions and pattern.

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