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Welcome to Our Online Store

Welcome to Chemotherapy Headwear, a website dedicated to providing comfortable, practical and attractive chemo hats and head scarves for cancer patients suffering from hair loss. We have ensured that we select and make hats and scarves from natural materials which are kind to skin that has been made sensitive through chemotherapy treatment, whilst providing a wide range of designs to suit cancer patients from young to old.
We specialise in hats, scarves and headcovers for hair loss and cancer patients. Wigs are not your only option, our range of chemo hats and scarves are designed for comfort as well as being confidence building and feminine. Selections include single sided cotton chemo hats for sleepwear, double sided cotton jersey chemo hats for casual wear, large square head scarves to generously cover the head, and attractive hat and scarf combinations for an easy yet fashionable headcovering.
At Chemotherapy Headwear, we feel a social and ethical responsibility to support the charity network that provides professional health care and support to cancer patients.  Each month Chemotherapy Headwear will make a donation to a cancer related charity from the sale of our goods.  For more detail, please see our Charity Support Page.
We have been fortunate to touch the lives of many people, here are a few of our customers comments on our products and service:
"The scarf-hat I ordered has arrived safely.  It is really beautiful.  Thank you for providing such an excellent service"   M Carlson
"I love the hats...... I am very pleased with them and wear them all the time"   Debbie
"I love your caps with the scarf attached....... I have found it really frustrating and difficult trying to find her (mum) a scarf and I am appalled at the amount of companies who are willing to charge outrageous prices for these items.  Where are their morals?  So well done to you.... I am very impressed"  Denise
"Arrived promptly and I am very happy with it.  Thanks very much!"  Christa
"The grey hat is just what I need for the winter, with or without hair!"  Anne
"The caps are REALLY nice.... I enjoy wearing your daywear... I would like to order some more"  Ingrid
"Have just received my parcel and very pleased.  So good to have something pretty to put on my poor head!!  Thank you"  Caroline
"Mum is impressed with the service and speed of delivery"  Fiona
"You have been very kind and helpful, it is much appreciated"  Denise
"It (hat) arrived this morning and is just what my friend needs.  Thanks once again for your excellent service"  Lesley
"I have ordered two items from you and I am very happy with them"  Dawn

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